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My Vision

Hello boys and ghouls! I wanted to take a moment to share my vision for the future of SHS. Currently, my animal family and I are living on a private, shared property in Northern California with the property owners. Because of this, we are unable to be open to the public. However, it is my goal to acquire my own property to not only expand SHS, but to allow the public to experience the sanctuary and rescue even more animals in need. Additionally, once I am able to acquire my own property, I aim to create several spooktacular programs, such as:

  • Continue to rescue and provide a forever home to even more sheep and farmed animals in need

  • Become registered as an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

  • Offer educational programs for children and adults, focused on farmed animal welfare and compassionate action

  • Develop a year-round haunted house and Spooky Barn to serve as our education center

  • Provide animal assisted therapy services to at-risk youth, veterans, adults with developmental challenges, and other populations in need, to allow for mutual healing of both humans and animals alike

  • Host monthly Halloween themed events at the sanctuary

  • Host public and private tours to allow the public to meet the residents and hear their rescue stories

  • Create a pumpkin patch for guests to allow them to take a piece of SHS home with them

With your support, we can raise the money needed for a down payment on our own property and cover the cost for the safe transport of my woolly and furry family.

The future is bright for Sheepy Hollow Sanctuary and with your support, we can make all of my spooky dreams come true!

My Vision: About Us
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