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Why Sheep?

Time and again, I have been asked the question "why sheep?" and the answer is simple- because sheep are amazing! They are incredibly expressive, curious, fun loving, and nonjudgmental individuals who have a very gentle nature about them. Sheep are prey animals, which means that instinctively, they are naturally quite cautious and aware of their surroundings, but to gain the friendship of a sheep is truly priceless! Here at SHS, I aim to allow all of my sheep family the opportunity to gain trust and comfort around humans at their own pace. As each sheep is considered an individual, it is important to remember that it can take a very long time for them to feel trusting of people, but I celebrate every milestone, as small as it may seem to be! 

Here are a few more fun facts about our sheep friends:

  • Sheep can recognize human faces and voices, so always remember to greet a sheep with a soft, calming voice and a smile

  • Sheep are ruminant animals, meaning that they have a fascinating digestive system equipped with multiple stomach chambers

  • Sheep have horizontal pupils, which allow them to see almost a full 360 degrees within their environment

  • Sheep get bursts of energy and will run, hop, and play- just like when puppies get the zoomies!

  • When a sheep feels safe and confident around a human, they love to be brushed and petted

  • Like other animals, sheep can also recognize and respond to their names!

Why Sheep?: About Us
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